What Makes Us Shine

Adorning Our Customers in High-Quality Jewellery

What started as a simple market stall in Portobello in 2012 has grown into one of the most valued, highly respected first-class jewellery stores worldwide. Today, our mission is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality jewellery for every occasion. We take pride in our extensive collections, personalised pieces, world-class warranty, and exceptional customer service.


Playing Our Part

In Perfecting the Pieces You Wear

At LimaniLondon, we believe that jewellery plays an important role in the lives of those who choose to wear it. Much like paint to a blank canvas, jewellery allows its wearer to express their inner world in vibrant and visual versatility.

As the unique individuals we are, jewellery allows us to present our personalities in a way that no clothes or hairstyles could ever hope to achieve. Various stones enable us to be subtle yet elegant, or stand out as the strong and self-confident people we have worked hard to become.

It is our belief that you can tall a lot about a person based on the jewellery they wear. Whether it’s the items they put on and never take off, or the accessories they step out in when attending a black-tie event, jewellery speaks volumes long before initial introductions are made.

Because of this, we’ve ensured that each of our collections has options to suit the wants and needs, hopes and dreams of each individual who pays our store a visit.

High-Quality Jewellery Options

For Any and All Occasions

When perusing our high-quality jewellery pieces, you’ll find that LimaniLondon stocks an array of every accessory you could hope to find. We have beautiful bangles and bracelets that allow you to wear more than just your heart on your sleeve.

We have necklaces and pendants to adorn your clavicle and chest with statement pieces that can be kept close to your heart. And, of course, we stock both daring and delicate rings and earrings as the final touch to any ensemble.

At LimaniLondon, the material we use comprises genuine gold, silver, and platinum, with select sterling silver options. And when it comes to stones, our collections comprise mainly Moissanite jewellery, Cubic Zirconia, and – of course – the timeless classic, Diamonds.

Outside of our set collections, we also offer the option for customers to customize their pieces through design and engraving possibilities.


Pay Us a Visit

Or Order Online

We reside in the heart of one the most prestigious areas in London. For customers who wish to peruse our pieces in-person, we invite you to visit our store. Alternatively, you can always browse our online jewellery collection catalogues and have your orders delivered directly to your door.

When purchasing one of our high-quality jewellery items, you will receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Should your jewellery break or degrade within the year, we will offer complete repair services – or you can return or exchange it – no questions asked.

Furthermore, if your item does not live up to your initial expectations, we have a 3-month return/exchange policy to protect your purchase. We are so confident in the quality of our sought-after Moissanite jewellery pieces, that we offer a lifetime warranty too.


Additional Affiliate Program

Beyond High-Quality Jewellery

From icon runways to red carpet events, A-List parties, and even awards shows, we believe jewellery has long played an important part in the culture of the times. Because of this, we offer an opportunity for artists, performers, and celebrities alike to enhance their image through our affiliate program.

Sign up to earn up to 15% in returns for each of the items you help sell. Build up a large client base and make your name as one of the most valuable members of the LimaniLondon family.